2020 Display Trivia

The lollipops are made from pool noodles, white tape and PVC.  It takes 4 pool noodles to make each lollipop.  The people at the Dollar Store could not imagine why anyone needed 40 pool noodles.

The tree on top of the house is actually made from 15 smaller trees, mounted into a wooden holder Doug made.

Traci LOVES Star Wars, so the Droids to the World inflatable had to be in this year's display.  Doug wrapped the lights around BB8 and R2D2 so it looks like they are stealing the lights.

The red and green Christmas tree is made of 28 strands of lights, 200 lights per strand = 5600 lights.  Doug usually does 2 trees, but due to other projects Doug got a little late start on this year's display so 1 tree it is!

We saw the Brain Freeze snowman and laughed our fannies off!  He was added in 2019, and we named him Bradley Brainfreeze.

The candy cane inflatable is 9 ft tall. 

The Frosty the Snowman wreath on the door Doug made in 2019.  He's the featured performer in the light show using "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" by The Drifters. 

The Panda and the Palm Tree (not pictured, but far left when viewing the display) is a nod to Traci's 18 years as a nationally touring comedian.  She performs a parody to Boston's song "Amanda," changing the words to "I want a Panda."  The palm tree was a gift from friends who didn't want it anymore.

There is one tiny reindeer in the display that says "The Crenshaws."  Doug puts this in his displays as a tribute to his late father, who passed in 2000.

The gum drops hanging in the trees were inspired by Busch Gardens gum drop trees.  Doug spray painted the food storage containers and plastic plates, added the lights and then glued them together to make them.


about us

Doug Crenshaw started doing Christmas lights with his father in Memphis, TN, back in the 1970's.  Years later, he saw a Miller Light commercial with Christmas lights which inspired him to do his own musical Christmas light show.  Over the years, he's added lights, controllers, inflatables, and other gadgets to make the show what it is today.

Traci Kanaan's mother loved Christmas and always decorated the house to the max for Christmas.  While growing up, Traci and her mother would decorate 3 Christmas trees, make ornaments for the trees, bake cookies, and anything standing still got a bow on it. 


Doug and Traci met in 2018 thru OKCupid.com.  Both felt it was meant to be, and Doug moved in with Traci just a few months later.  Before moving in, Traci (who JUST had her house professionally decorated by an interior designer) asked Doug if he had any furniture.  He said "No, just some Christmas lights."  He sort of neglected to tell her he had 17 storage containers of Christmas lights!  Since the interior decorator had no plans for the garage, Doug and his Christmas lights set up "Santa's workshop." Their first display went up in 2019, much to the amazement of Traci, and the rest of the neighborhood.

We are proud to bring Love, Light, and Delight to those who desperately need some Christmas cheer in 2020. 

Doug and Traci wish you the best of the holidays...

a Merry Christmas,

a Happy Hanukkah,

a Kick Ass Kwanzaa,

and a Happy New Year!


Our neighbors, GLENN & SUSAN

Thanks for brightening up the neighborhood.

Random Stop

It looks like a ginger bread house!

Random Stop

We know it's a lot of work, but we really enjoy your lights!

Our other neighbors TOMAS AND RACHEL

The first night we thought we were being raided by the police, and then we realized it's just you doing Christmas lights again.  Thanks for doing this!

Little Boy Across The Street

Can I hug Snoopy?

Random Stop

We drive by your house every night on our way home from work just to see your lights.

Another Little Boy Across From Across The Street

Look Daddy!  R2D2 and BB8 are stealing the christmas lights!

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Frequently asked questions

When can Doug come and do my Christmas lights?

Doug does this for fun, not for business.

Seriously? He's not for hire?

Nope. Not for hire. Traci has tried pimping his Christmas services out several times, and he's just not interested.

Where can we see these lights?

1121 21st Ave N, St Petersburg, FL 33704 Lights generally run from Thanksgiving thru January 6th of the following year, from 6pm-Midnight. Sometimes we have parking available across the street from our house. If not, find some street parking and bring yourself some lawn chairs and enjoy the show. If you want to hear the lights, tune your FM radio to 107.5

I'll bet your energy company loves you! That's a lot of electricity!

Our electricity bill is between $12-20...thanks to the 32 solar panels Doug installed in 2019.

I see "Merry Christmas" in your display. What are you, Jesus freaks?

Doug and Traci were raised in households that practiced Christian traditions but are not members of any church or faith. We just like colorful, blingy, flashy things. Putting up lights for Columbus Day or Valentine's Day just doesn't work for us. So...Christmas it is!

How long does it take to put up your display?

It takes Doug anywhere from 1-2 weeks to rig the lights. The big red and green Christmas tree is 5600 lights and takes a whole day all by itself. Programming the music is a whole different story. It takes about 2 hours to program 1 minute of music to coordinate with the lights. For our current show of 1.5 hours of music, it took Doug anywhere from 180-200 hours to program it, and he did so over several years. If you look at the videos from previous displays, you'll notice Doug uses the same songs then as he does now. Once he programs the lights, all he has to do is assign the channels to a string of lights, so he can easily adapt his music to other displays.

How do you pay for your display? Do you accept donations?

Doug is a realtor with Copeland Morgan, and Traci is a hypnotherapist and owner of Wings Hypnosis. We do not accept money donations. This is simply our gift to you. Merry Christmas!